Cherchesov found a new job and a new club

Six months have already passed since the loud failure of the Russian national football team at the European Championship 2020/2021. Her former head coach, Stanislav Cherchesov, has already found a new job. Since December 20, he "rules" the preparation of the players of the Hungarian club "Ferencváros".

Stanislav Cherchesov - coach of the Hungarian Ferencvaros

Cherchesov coached the national team for 5 years. At the last UEFA EURO 2021 this summer, the whole country watched our team with bated breath. Alas, a miracle did not happen: Russia was unable to reach the playoffs, having crashed out of the group. This was the reason for the resignation of the head coach.

Budapest's Ferencvárosi has had little success on the global soccer scene yet. However, he won national championships 32 times and won the Hungarian Cup 20 times. We will soon see what the players will be capable of Ferencváros under the guidance of a Russian coach.